Melbourne's First Community Powered Train Tracking App

Ever wished that you could know whether your train is delayed before getting to the station?
Ever wished that you could tell other commuters that the train has been delayed?
Introducing Melbourne's first community powered train tracking iphone app - Train Tracker

Besides looking up your next train arrival time, Train Tracker allows commuters to report a delay. With one simple tap, you can instantly inform all commuters across Melbourne about any train delay. Train Tracker is a crowd sourcing app - this means we rely on you, the people of Melbourne to make it work! So go head and Download today, and let's keep Melbourne's trains on track.

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Super Simple Timetable

Find out when the next train leaves in 2 super simple steps.

Step one:Select train line.

Step two:Select station (automatic scrolling to your closest station).

BANG! you now know when is the next train.

Report a Incident (Delay)

Melbourne's very first Iphone travel app which gives the power back to people of Melbourne by providing the facility to Report a Incident.

To report a incident just tap on the icon and follow the prompt

Live Metro Updates

Cancelled Train - 6:41pm Belgrave - Flinders Street.|| Cancelled train - 5:35pm Sandringham - Flinders Street.

Get live train updates (information published on Metromelbourne website) directly into Traintracker app.

No more switching between apps or browsers to find train information.

Tap on the scrolling text to view all the delay messages in a list format.

Cancellation Integration

When Metro trains announces a cancellation,TrainTracker will automatically detect the cancellation and place a red dot in front of the perticular train time.

Save Favourite Stations

Just a simple tap and BANG! the station is saved as a favourite station.

Just tap on icon across any of the stations names to save a station as a favourite.

You can access all your favourite stations by taping the favourites tab on the menu ribbon.


One of the very few iphone apps which provides a platform for Melbourne Train users to get their travel time organised.


Fancy a closer look at the different screens, go ahead click on any of them.


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Don't think we can afford a Big Fancy Collins Street Lawyer to write our disclaimer but we had to write something to cover our A%$ (but honestly we are just a bunch of humble developers who want to make this work a better place : so "go easy on us")


1. Timetable data on the TrainTracker app does not belong to TrainTracker or Synapps in any way and completely the property of Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and Melbourne Metro Trains.


2. We at TrainTracker and Synapps do not alter with any of the timetable data; it is as much as possible a direct reflection of the timetable data available on any of the public domains like PTV website etc.


3. We at TrainTracker and Synapps will try our best to keep the timetable data up-to-date, we have a very intelligent code running behind our app which keeps track of any timetable changes, but if there are any issues TrainTracker or Synapps will not be responsible and we apologies of any inconvenience caused. (Please do let us know via our contact us page and we will make the changes ASAP)


4. We at TrainTracker and Synapps do not take any responsibility for the user reported delays. Our intention behind creating this feature was to give the people of Melbourne a platform where they could contribute and make train travel a more pleasant journey. That said we have take adequate validations measure so that reliability of the data is kept very high.